Jan 052016

Emergency RoomThis last holiday weekend was rough for me. On Friday and Saturday I was vomiting all day and just didn’t feel well in general. When I woke up on Sunday feeling even worse, I decided it was time for another trip to the ER. I assumed they’d run some labs, find that my blood counts were low, and do another transfusion. As it turned out, my blood counts were fine. But my sodium was really low.

For those who haven’t been following my story from the beginning, low sodium is how this whole nightmare started. I had a tumor that was causing my sodium to drop. Since I had been told my tumor was gone, you can imagine how nervous I was about this latest development. They admitted me to the hospital and started me on IV fluids.

I kept trying to tell myself that my tumor couldn’t possibly have returned, but myself isn’t always a very good listener. I knew if the fluids brought my sodium back up, I was probably in the clear. So I spent a restless night waiting, but nobody ever came to draw my labs. I asked the nurses about that in the morning, and they told me it usually takes a few days for the fluids to bring your sodium back up and they would probably draw labs the next morning.

So I sweated it out for another 24 hours. When I woke up the next morning, my sodium was back to normal. That was a huge relief!

While I’ve been dealing with my latest health issues, one of my friends asked if I wanted him to start a crowdfunding account for me (like GoFundMe). Another friend had asked me if she could start one back when I was first diagnosed, but I turned her down, thinking that I’d still be able to work and pay all these medical bills. This time, I had a change of heart. So here’s the URL if you’d like to help. https://www.youcaring.com/julie-mears-henry-495041

Thanks in advance.


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  1. If the tumor is gone do they know why your sodium keeps dropping? Why are you throwing up? After all you have been through it seems you should be feeling better. I worry about the care you are getting. As I told you before my sister was admitted to Holmes 6 times and was making no progress with her Krohns. We send her to Omaha and she is finally making progress and feeling better.

    • I still have a lot of unresolved health issues that nobody seems to know what to do with. I’m trying to get an appointment at UF Health Cancer Center and have them take over my care. Glad your sister’s doing better.

  2. I’m glad that you are getting some financial help. You certainly don’t need that added burden. Hope and pray you are feeling better. Love, Aunt Betty

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