May 192016

SurgeryUntil yesterday I was doing pretty well. I had the feeding tube removed a few weeks ago, and was eating a variety of foods. I was also able to swallow some of my pills (I crushed the others and put them in applesauce).

Eating solid foods seemed to give me more energy, which has allowed me to socialize and get out of the house some. I had some friends over for a get-together last Saturday and went to Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) on Tuesday.

Yesterday, I had my fourth surgery. Despite all I’ve been eating, my esophagus had contracted some and had to be stretched again (which is typical). The good news is the ENT saw no signs of cancer.

I didn’t feel too bad last night, but I knew from experience that today wasn’t going to be good. For two or three days after each surgery, my esophagus swells, so it’s hard to get anything down, including water. That wasn’t as big of a problem when I had the feeding tube, but now I have to work harder for nutrition and hydration. So far today, I’ve managed to get down a little bit of soup, a mini muffin, a half cup of peaches, a few bites of watermelon, a graham cracker, and a few sips of a smoothie. Not too bad considering. I’ll probably have some more soup and some ice cream later on today.

Before the last surgery, I was able to pretty much clear my work schedule so I could take a few days off, which allowed me some time to rest. No such luck this time. Today, I had to do an interview (that was fun) and I’ve got several articles that have to be done by Monday. It’s going to be a long weekend, but I’m thankful to be working again.

My next CT scan is on June 21; I’ll get the results the same day.

I don’t have a date yet for my next surgery. I’ll find out when that’s going to be at my follow-up appointment next Tuesday. This time, I’ll have two months to recover before the next procedure instead of just three weeks. I have family coming in June, so hopefully I’ll be ready to play tour guide by the time they arrive.

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  6 Responses to “Fighting for normalcy”

  1. Glad to hear you are doing some what better and can eat some solid foods. It will be nice when all the surgeries are done with and you can hopefully totally be recovered! Big hugs! Thinking of you! Renee

  2. Julie, so glad you are doing better and are able to eat real food again! You are a strong woman!

  3. Everyting sounds hopeful. Hope you are not trying to work too much.

    Karen, Marc, and Kendalynne are coming Sunday for a short visit. Teresa is coming on the 30th. Wish you were up to coming. Stay strong. Love, Aunt Betty

    • I’m glad Karen and Teresa are able to come visit. I wish I could, too, but I don’t think we can swing it this year.

  4. Food… So how does it taste? I bet it is a painfully wonderful sensation all at the same time. You know hurt so good. Big hugs, and enjoy the family when they get there.

    • Most of it tastes good. The only foods I’ve noticed a difference in so far are chocolate and cheesecake. Those don’t taste the same, but I probably don’t need them anyway.

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