Sep 012015

Chemo cutMy oncologist told me I would begin to lose my hair in about three weeks. It’s already been a week, so I figured it was time to get it cut. I know it will still be shocking when it starts falling out, but maybe not as much so since I don’t have as much to lose.

I went back to the same stylist I went to last time because I finally found one I liked. When she was finished with my cut, I reached for my wallet, but she wouldn’t let me pay her. I tried to argue with her, especially since she doesn’t even know me, but she wouldn’t hear of it. So I cried. That was so unbelievably kind of her.

The effects of last week’s chemo lasted for about five days. I still don’t feel well and am tired, but my brain seems to be functioning again and I don’t feel like I need a nap every few hours. I have two weeks off between treatments, so at least I know I’ll have some good days along with the bad.

I forced myself to get on the treadmill for 20 minutes this morning. I figure it can only help.

Radiation therapy still hasn’t started. I got a call from the radiation oncologist’s office today asking me to come in tomorrow for my “final x-rays” so I can start therapy on Thursday. I’m a little annoyed because this is the doctor who was telling me I needed to get started right away and if I missed one appointment the world would come to an end. Now he’s the one holding up the show.

I went to have my blood drawn today and discovered the order was for tomorrow (oops). They would have gone ahead and done it today, but since I’ll be right around the corner from there tomorrow, I told them I’d come back.

My surgical site is infected. No real surprise there since they started using it the day after my surgery and the woman at the oncologist’s office had to stick me four times last Thursday in order to gain access. The oncologist gave me an antibiotic yesterday, and it’s starting to look at little better.

Eating has become a bit of a chore. Nothing sounds good and a lot of things that used to taste good don’t anymore (cheesecake tastes like metal). But I’m forcing myself to take in as many calories as possible in preparation for the days ahead when swallowing is likely to be difficult.

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  1. Since nothing tastes good, you can eat all of the green and icky vegetables you hate to eat anyway and you won’t be able to tell the differenence. Might as well save the good stuff until it tastes good again. It probably is not connected, but could you need to be having checked your hemoglobin. Maybe the low sodium is connected. Just a stab in the dark, hey the doctors haven’t figured it out.

    Doctors like you to work on your schedule and tell you what they think you need to hear to get you to do so.

    I’ll say a prayer for the hair dresser, kind people need prayers too.

    And I pray often about you.

    • I don’t know about the green icky vegetables, but fruit still tastes better than most everything else. I need calories, though.

      My doctor has been doing a CBC every week, so he’s checking my hemoglobin.

      Prayers are greatly appreciated. I’m sure the kind lady will appreciate it, too.

  2. Hair looks really cute from the back. Let’s see the front!

    • I deleted the front view (it was awful). My hair looked fine, but she didn’t give me the face from the photo I gave her.

  3. Your bravery inspires me. Prayer everyday and I do believe it helps. Please tell me how you got an appointment with the Mayo clinic. My sister has been in the hospital at homes 10 days and 4 weeks ago she was there 7 days and they can’t figure out what is wrong with her but she is very sick. I would like to take her to Mayo.

    • I went to Cleveland Clinic, not Mayo. There’s one in West Palm Beach and one in Palm Beach Gardens. I called their appointment number 877-463-2010 and asked for an appointment with a primary care physician (don’t let them give you a nurse practitioner). The PCP can refer your sister to any other doctors she might need. If you’d rather go to Mayo, it’s in Jacksonville. Their appointment number is 904-953-0853. Hope the doctors get it figured out soon!

  4. Hair will grow back, and they make beutiful wigs now. I’m too old to do anything but pray, and I am doing a lot of that. Love, Aunt Betty

  5. I think the hair cut is cute, wished if I cut mine that it would have a curl like that…But mine just hangs there. I think the lady who cut your hair is one of those people that will be blessed for her kindness.

    Sorry nothing taste good and I have heard that while you are going through chemo every thing taste like metal. Does not make a person want to eat, even good stuff like ice cream. So once a week I will eat some thing totally fattening for you. And hopefully the weight will magically land on you. (which is not some thing I would normally do eat fattening foods)

    I am proud of you for getting back on the tread mill. It is hard thing to do but when this is all over you will be in much better shape for it. Physically and mentally.

  6. The hair cut looks great, so sorry that you dont have appetite and things taste like metal. I will be getting my hair cut for you Fri or Sat or maybe sooner, have to be awake enought to do it since I work night shift and dont get up during the day. Will post a pic on FB of before and after my hair. Big hugs to you of course!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing. I pray for you as often as I think of you. Even though I am back here in KC, let me know if I can do anything.

  8. I am glad to see you are using your gift of writing to share your journey. I hope you find this to be therapeutic. Sharing your journey is so very brave of you. I will continue to pray for God to give you strength and endurance. May God continue to send sweet angels to your path. With loving redpect, Darae.

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