Sep 032015

SailboatI feel pretty good for someone who has cancer. The fog has lifted from my brain so I can actually work without second guessing myself. I’m also beginning to feel stronger physically (pretty sure the treadmill is helping with that).

So overall, the first round of chemo wasn’t too hard on me. Although I felt a little nauseated, I never actually threw up. So as long as there’s not a cumulative effect with subsequent treatments, I feel like I can handle five more rounds with two weeks off in between.

Radiation therapy started today. It was pretty uneventful for the most part. I signed in, then went to the back and put on a gown. When they called my name, they had me lie on a very hard table, put the mask on me, then left the room. The machine moved around me. It made a sort of whirring sound and felt as though someone was lightly tapping the front of my neck with both hands. I began to feel a little panicky when I realized what it was probably doing to my healthy tissue, so I just started repeating over and over to myself, “Die, tumor. Die!” The whole thing took around 10 minutes.

On Thursdays, I see the radiation oncologist after my treatment. He had taken some x-rays yesterday and told me my tumor was growing again. I must have looked alarmed because he quickly said, “Don’t worry. This type of tumor responds quickly to treatment.” I told him I was nervous about the treatment side effects (difficulty swallowing, neck discoloration, and throat pain). He said he would give me some pain medication if I get to a point where I need it. Good to know.

Since this is a holiday weekend, I’ll go back tomorrow, then go next Tuesday-Friday and every weekday after for a total of 35 treatments. I’m told it will be two to three weeks before I start feeling the side effects.

Fortunately, I did not have another encounter with the finance Nazi at the radiation oncologist’s office. It’s probably just as well since I was going to tell her the $22,000 she’s getting from my insurance company is down payment enough. She can either wait for the insurance to come through and bill me like everyone else or I can take that money elsewhere. I have enough to worry about without dealing with people like her.

I had my blood drawn yesterday, then called my oncologist’s office to ask if he would share my sodium results with my kidney doctor. I was told they didn’t test my sodium (tell me again how my doctors are not working in silos?). So I had to have blood drawn again today for my sodium check. I think it’s probably okay because I don’t feel well when it gets really low, but I’ll feel better hearing the actual number. And I’d like to start drinking some water again.

I’m posting a happy picture today because things are good overall. I plan to go sailing again next summer.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great, Julie!!! Hang in there and it will all be over before you know it!!

    I’ve talked to you about my mom having small cell lung cancer. She had the 4 rounds of chemo and 30 radiation treatments starting in February. She was re-tested Monday and found out today she is cancer FREE!!!! She gets her port taken out in the morning and can stop the blood thinner medication!!! Happy dance!!!

    You too, will be doing the same dance soon!!!

  2. Glad to hear things are moving along and that you’re feeling pretty good for someone with cancer.

  3. Glad you are feeling better! Hope the rest of the rounds go just as easy.

  4. That was a beautiful picture of you. Savor the good days, hours, and minutes. Love, Aunt Betty

  5. Go, Julie! You are doing a graft job. Keep on keepin’ on!!

  6. Sounds like treatment is going good and you are going to come out of this okay. love this picture of you, happy smiling and oh so tan! Sailing next summer sounds like a good plan but I say maybe you should do some parasailing instead, you know kick it up a notch.

  7. Glad you’re feeling well, Julie. Great photo!

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