Mar 212016

HealthOver the weekend, the sutures that were holding the NG tube in my nose broke and the tube began to slide. The pain became unbearable, so today I had the tube removed. I hated to do it, but I couldn’t take it anymore. The physician assistant told me to keep trying to drink water in an attempt to keep the track open for the next surgery. I’m just going to have to hope that works.

I also saw the nurse practitioner at my oncologist’s office today about the nerve damage. She said it could get better over time and possibly even go away, but we’ll have to continue to monitor my condition long term. Nothing I didn’t already know. She told me to take Vitamin B6 for the tingling and gave me a pain medication that’s specific to nerve pain. I’m a little nervous about taking it because I’m already on pain medication and don’t want to feel any more loopy, but I’ll at least give it a try.

Next Wednesday, I’m having a CT scan to make sure the cancer is still gone. After the scan I’ll meet with my oncologist to discuss the results.

My next surgery is at 10:30 a.m. on April 4.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading my blog. If  you’d like to help me with my battle with cancer, please go to

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  1. Oh Jewels, this entire experience has been just one thing after another for you. Every time I medatate I always take the deep healing breaths for you. I am truly sorry that this is not over and your battle continues. I wish there was some thing more I could do for you. You do know is hate the helpless feeling I get when I can not help someone I love and I do live you. So fight on Jewels fight on.

  2. Like your friend, I too feel very helpless. I’ll keep on praying and you must keep on fighting. Love, Aunt B.

  3. When you talk with the oncologist, even though he does not want to listen, discuss getting back to being able to eat and drink. He must have run into this before and have some idea of how to handle it. Push hard to get him to talk.

    As an aside, how do you take b6 and pain pills when you can’t swallow?

    • Surgery is the only way for me to get back to eating and drinking since my esophagus was completely closed. I’m able to swallow water now, so if I keep doing it maybe the track will stay open until my next surgery. I crush the pills and put them in my feeding tube.

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