Sep 212015

Sore throatMy throat is on fire! Even ice water burns going down. And I can’t even think about taking a bite of solid food. The last few days have been rough.

When I went to my radiation therapy appointment today, I told the nurse I was in a lot of pain. She said, “This is only your 12th treatment. It’s a little bit early for you to be in so much pain.” Thanks. Not helping. She asked if I wanted to see the doctor after my treatment and I told her I did.

Instead, I got another nurse. She asked me if the “magic mouthwash” the doctor gave me last week was helping at all. It has lidocaine in it, so it’s supposed to numb my throat. But instead, it burns when it hits the back of my throat, then just numbs my tongue. I told her so.

The nurse offered to give me a narcotic prescription and said I could see the doctor tomorrow. I still have some pain pills left from my port insertion surgery, so I declined the prescription until I have a chance to see the doctor.

After today, I have 23 more radiation sessions (about 4 1/2 weeks). I’m hoping they can come up with some way to keep me comfortable without doping me up to the point where I can’t do my work. As a side note, the article I’m currently working on is about the long-term side effects of head and neck radiation. I really didn’t need to know any of that. But I almost never look at the subject before accepting an assignment, so it was too late to decline.

On a happier note, a friend stopped by to visit with me today. It was nice catching up with her. And my best friend is planning to stop by for a few days on her way to a job in Orlando (although she may change her mind when she sees this post). I’m not exactly a barrel of laughs right now.

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  1. Julie,
    I think about you every single day and the above reminds me of what Jack went through when he had massive radiation. I really do know how you feel and I pray the doctor can find something to help you with the pain.
    Love you,

  2. Julie,
    I’m really sorry you are in pain right now, but hopefully the Dr. can
    give you something to ease that when you see him tmw. We had a great trip but that was too long for us to be gone. Feel totally out of touch be-cause though I rec’d emails, I couldn’t respond time-wise due to computer limits of where I was checking. Sounds like you are trying to keep your life as normal as possible which sounds like a good thing.
    Steve and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. My heart aches for you.

  4. Praying for relief for you Julie! I am so sad to hear this.

  5. It was nice to see you and catch up. Your new kitchen, can’t wait to come over when your better and whip up a meal together. Again I am amazed at your strength and that you are working at all. I am also amazed at the insensitivity of the nurses and Dr’s who are treating you. There is no standard of when and how much pain you have. Give them a day in your shoes and see how they do.

  6. Not sure it would help, but you might ask if you could eat popcicles. They don’t take away paid, but might give you some temporary relief faith their coldness. If you can’t find any, ask Teresa how she makes hers. I try to say a prayer for you several times a day.

  7. I am so sorry you are in so much pain! I hope things get better for you and the nurses and drs should be more compassionate. Thinking of you as always. Big hugs!

  8. I would not change my mind about a visit to you. You can try to scare me off if you want but you forget, I am not easily intimidated! Does not matter how grumpy you get I can take it.
    On a note for what ever purpose I have always said that some how I am put in this world where I need to be. It usually has nothing to do with my wants and desires, but it always seems to work itself out for the best. Orlando is where I need to be right now.

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