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WritingThe pain from the radiation therapy has left me unable to sleep at night and the narcotics (which aren’t really helping much) are making my head fuzzy, so I finally had to admit that I can’t continue to work right now. I need what little energy I have to focus on my recovery, taking in enough calories, and just getting through each day.

E-mailing all my freelance clients with the news wasn’t easy. I’ve spent almost 10 years building my clientele and finally had a steady stream of work. Although I’ve been working for some of these organizations for quite some time, almost all of my editors have bailed in the last few months, so most of the people I’ve been working with are new.

So I have one article left to do that I had almost finished and then nothing. Very scary for someone who is self-employed. I’m sure I can make it through the next few months financially, but not having anything to keep my mind busy will be a challenge.

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  1. You may be surprised how many of them want you back. And we can help you find new work when you’re ready for it. Let me know if you want help with the websites.

  2. Thinking of you!

  3. Give yourself a break. We are so used to working that we don’t know how to NOT work. Good writers are hard to find, and a couple of months in the corporate world is not all that long (although I know when you’re in pain a couple of months is really long). I agree with Teresa. I bet your clients will want you back when you’re ready.

  4. We will fill your house with great books, old movies and company as you can tolerate.

  5. Just praying for you every day. Let go and give it to God is the best thing to do, so you can get better, He is there & willing to take this for yyou.All you have to do is ask. You will stay in my prayers always. :):) love.

  6. You are in my thoughts & prayers, Julie. Remember God knew this journey was to happen & He has a beautiful plan for you. With respectful love.

  7. You are a writer and you will write. Journaling is great therapy… and maybe at some point your blogs and journal entries will become a part 2 to you previous “Getting Cancer” book…only this time with first hand knowledge. People come in and out of retirement every day. It’s time to take the one moment at a time approach. Don’t even think about it as one day at a time, just one moment. It’s time to take care of you and do what you have to so you can get better and “live happily ever after.” People you don’t even know are praying for your strength and endurance and healing every day. Rest. Relax. I know it had to be so hard to make this work decision but you will have so much more to write when this nightmare is over. Love and Prayers!

  8. Like all your friends are saying give it to God and take a break.
    I am so sorry you are going through all this. Thinking of you as always. Big, big hugs!

  9. I say this is an un natural issue of life is trying to tell you to take some time for just yourself. Maybe find a hobby that you never had time for photography, knitting, quilting. Maybe just maybe this is life’s way of saying take a deep breath….
    Okay time to start again. Reboot not only your health but maybe your wants in life.

    Trying to find the silver lining in the eye of the storm it is hard to see.

  10. Last comment should have read: looking to find the silver lining when you are in the eye of the storm makes it hard to see.

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