Aug 072015

Julie3When I woke up from my surgery, I was breathing on my own instead of through a hole in my neck, so things could definitely be worse. My throat was a little sore and it was tough to swallow at first, but at least I can breathe again!

They were able to remove 90% of the tumor, but had to leave the rest in for fear of damaging my esophagus. If the tumor turns out to be benign, they’ll just monitor it. If not, I’ll need treatment that has yet TBD. I’m still trying not to think too far ahead on that one.

Yesterday, I was released from the hospital. Before I left, the kidney doctor told me if my sodium drops again I could get a pre-approval from my insurance company to take the medication to bring it back up from home instead of returning to the hospital.

Since there was no mention of that in my discharge paperwork and I needed a follow-up appointment anyway, I called the kidney doctor’s office. The woman on the phone told me the medication could only be given in the hospital because it’s dangerous. If it makes your sodium level rise too fast, it can cause paralysis, so they have to monitor you closely. She verified this with the doctor before relaying it to me, so I’m not sure why he told me something different before I was discharged. I have labs on Monday and an appointment on Thursday, so if I don’t land in the hospital again before then, I’ll have a chance to ask.

Other than that, I’m mostly tired. My body feels like it’s wading through quicksand and my mind feels like mud. I’m hoping a lot of this is from lack of sleep and just lying around for days on end and that things will improve once I’ve been home for awhile. Although I have work to catch up on, I’m going to take it somewhat easy this weekend while trying to get up and around enough to build up my strength. I’m going to need it for whatever’s coming next.

When you don’t feel well, life suddenly becomes overwhelming. My husband keeps thinking I should be able to function as I was before, but I don’t have the energy I had a month ago. And it’s tough to find a balance between work, everyday life, and the added stress of dealing with doctors offices and endless medical appointments.

But for now I’m in my own home and can at least sleep through the night without someone coming in to wake me every hour (although the cats make sure to do that at least once or twice a night, lest I forget what it’s like).

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  1. Well I for one hope that you sleep like a baby. After all sleep is one thing that recharges us humans. And after a good night sleep I say go for a walk or swim and then take a nap.

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