AlohaJulie Mears Henry, 53, died March 26 at her home in Palm Bay, Florida. She is survived by her husband, John Henry; her father, Charles Mears; and more relatives and friends [more]

“I’m Ready”

“I’m Ready”Written by Mary ”I’m ready.” That’s what Julie told me today when I tossed out another, “Maybe you could ask your doctor about...” She doesn’t want to go back [more]

The Best Laid Plans...

The Best Laid Plans...First off, I'd like to begin by apologize for the length of this post. Obviously, you can just choose which part(s) you'd like to read and ignore the rest. I'd also like to [more]

Can you repeat that please?

Can you repeat that please?Last Thursday, I went to the oncologist to get the results of my most recent abdominal CT scan. My stomach tumor has grown by almost 50%. That came as no surprise to me [more]

Scan results and some tough questions

Scan results and some tough questionsSince my last blog post, I've made yet another trip to the hospital for Samsca. This was my fourth hospital visit since late July. Otsuka is making the process of getting the [more]

The ongoing battle with sodium

The ongoing battle with sodiumAfter my last Tecentriq treatment, I went to the hospital again to get more Samsca. I'd had my sodium checked that morning at my nephrologist's lab, and it was 123. Once [more]

Jun 182017

A few weeks ago, I noticed my cheeks were getting a little red. I thought it might be a combination of the sun and the chemo. So I became extra vigilant about applying sunscreen before I went out. Continue reading »

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May 152017

FullSizeRender (14)There’s no way anyone can understand how exhausting cancer and its treatments can be unless they’ve been through it. I’ve been fighting this beast for almost two years, and I’m tired. I’m tired of being poked and prodded. Tired of endless appointments and waiting rooms. Even tired of having my temperature and blood pressure taken. Continue reading »

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Apr 192017

Sitting in loungerWaiting for hair to grow is like watching paint dry. Why does it take so long???!!! Will it grow faster if I stop watching? Seriously, does it take this long for babies’ hair to grow?

Things are going so well for me right now, I figured I should have at least one complaint. So there it is. Where’s my hair? Continue reading »

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